A Few Thoughts on Turning 25

in two days, I will be a quarter of a century old 
it seems that the majority experiences a bit of existential panic over this milestone 
however, that hasn't applied to me 

life right now is so different from what it was last year (and compared to years past)
I would not change any aspect of it for I wouldn't be the person I am today 

 I've also realized the importance of going through periods of discomfort and uncertainty
life does indeed happen; I'm adapting and continuing to work on achieving my goals

one thing that is a constant is my gratitude
I am always thankful and that will never change

I also wish my lovely Grandmother a very happy (early) birthday as well! we are both born on the same day and I am so honored to be sharing a special day with her


Bits & Pieces: I Took Myself Out On An Afternoon Date

after traveling twice (to Arizona-California and Washington DC-Eastern Shore) within weeks apart of each other, I needed time to recollect thoughts and plan out the rest of this summer season, and decided to take myself out on a date yesterday to some of my favorite local places

 Java's is my absolute favorite spot in Rochester for coffee
I was lucky to get a table in the tea room during their lunch hour rush
I asked the barista to make me anything as long as it had a caffeine kick to it
he made me a smooth caramel latte with two shots of espresso and soy milk, which was delicious!

 their indifferent/sad-faced cookies never fail to bring a chuckle out from me (as they're the first and only establishment I know that has said item)
Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet and I love all of his works
this is actually my 2nd copy of this specific book as I lost mine during a layover at Charlotte Airport however, my boyfriend was kind enough to replace it (thank you,Gary!)
this building on Alexander Street was under renovation for the past year or so, seeing it complete was a pleasant surprise

they had a front garden which also had a seating area
 once the baby trees take on their roots, I can see it being a dreamy place to take a break
lily in bloom along Park Avenue 
made a stop at Parkleigh to pick up a small gift 
I meant to take photos inside, but was distracted by all the new arrivals
despite the numerous times I walked by (and taken photos of) their murals, I just noticed this little dandelion sprout hidden in a lower corner
saw quite a few cottontail rabbits along Oxford Street and it was pretty much cuteness overload
a dear friend of mine also happened to be in the same area as I am, we decided to meet up and I was happy to see that she has also brought her tribe 

she and I caught up over our drinks (iced coffee for her, chai for me) while her children created stories in addition to their space-themed drawings (seriously, little humans are the best and also why I always have paper and pens in my bag)

the photo below is little miss O with her mama and sisters going on a voyage to Mars
an afternoon very well-spent, it was the ideal balance of work and leisure as I was able to both return calls/emails and see familiar faces I haven't seen in months 

today I woke up with slightly tanner feet (from all the walking) and a more focused outlook

I wish you a wonderful week and that you stay cool in this summer weather! 

ps. I'm off to see Bob Dylan(!) in concert tonight with Gary and friends, in which I'm so so excited about!


Weekly Words on a Wednesday

one of my favorite quotes, photo of Theo is from summer 2014


Weekly Words

"There shall be an eternal summer in the grateful heart" 
Celia Thaxter 


An Update

since January of this year, I have been separated and going to be divorced

I appreciate that I still have this little space to call my own and hope to return to blogging more regularly 
as much as I’m open to transparency, I would rather focus on the greater things ahead and have accepted the past for what it was 
time heals and so will I
I hope that life has been kind to you


Happy Birthday, My Love

happy birthday, my dearest Jacob!
I wish that your day is as wonderful as you are
thank you for the adventures
I love all the places we explored together
and cherish all the memories made
your determination, hard work, and kindness continue to amaze me
thank you for seeing the good in the everyday 
I adore your smile, warm embraces, and reminders that you'll always by my side 
thank you for putting up with my cheekiness, as I know that I could be a handful at times
thank you for keeping me cool when things became overwhelming
you provide balance and peace in this ever-changing world
your sense of humor is the perfect stress reliever 
I absolutely love our coffee dates and dance parties 
I love the way you love those around you 
you are affectionate, caring, and loyal
to my dearest, Jacob
thank you for being my husband, I am honored to be your wife
here's to more adventures, laughter, and memories 
happy 32nd birthday, darling
life is lovely because of you 


Weekly Words

"Look past your thoughts
so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment"