Bits & Pieces

composing mostly of photographs from this week, some from my 365 project
Valentine's Day is still going strong at our home  
another project I started for this year is the 52 project, in which I (or Jacob) take a portrait each week (usually on Saturdays)
I hope to come up with more creative ideas, but finding the current winter season a challenge
my latest hand-sewed pillow
 I'm slowly improving considering I started rather haphazardly (see here)
made a quick batch of "plain Jane"coffee cake on Monday to perk up the afternoon
our Theodore getting a drink from the hot water tap
he hops in the bathroom sink and wait for either Jacob or myself to turn the faucet for him
and lastly, our baby, Oliver turned a year old today!
he really wasn't keen on having his picture taken (Jacob held him for a pose)

hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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