Weekend In Review

hooray for the spring season!
I am thankful for the opportunity of growth and renewal
and greatly looking forward to the warmer weather!
visited the Rochester Public Market for some healthy food and not-so-healthy treats
it's all about balance and moderation
I've also started a yoga routine this week
I hope to improve my strength in addition to being more mindful
I also plan to get back into my spring/summer jogging routine as well
handmade thank you cards, it's so nice to get back into creating rather than buying
Jacob's parents dropped by for a visit and also gave us a container planter
starting our own garden is another goal, along with the yoga mentioned above 
and finally, this week's 52 photo project
it was finally warm enough to break out the saltwater sandals from storage however, I'm afraid this is short-lived for the weather forecast is predicting snow on Tuesday- yikes!

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