Bits & Pieces

sharing snapshots from this past week
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Theodore is recently keen on napping in-between folded laundry
pretty sunset sky
received a surprise parcel from a darling friend in New Zealand! 
notebooks are one of my weaknesses 
the purple clematis has bloomed quite nicely in our backyard
homemade garlic rosemary fries and burger toppings (herbed goat cheese, bacon, and onions for our fourth of July dinner)
we watched the fireworks from Jacob's office rooftop, the full album can be viewed here
taken during our stroll at the park across our street
and lastly, a fresh danish from the Rochester Public Market; it was buttery, flaky, and quite filling
I ended up picking the edges for it was too sweet for a morning pick me up however, the cherries I bought are another story- summer fruits are the best

wishing everyone a safe and wonderful extended holiday weekend!


Thankful Tuesday

just jotting down some things I am especially thankful for this week:

Jacob's unconditional love
my family and friends' support
the care of my doctors and hospital resources
cuddles with our cats
little love notes
unlimited streaming music 
lingering sunlight
photography opportunities 
yoga for a peaceful body
the ability to connect with loved ones residing in other countries, states
compassion and understanding

happy July!