A Picture (or Two) an Hour

just sharing some of today's snapshots: 
morning garden light 
left: breakfast for me, vanilla chai tea (with almond milk) and grapes
right: breakfast for him, coffee, cheesy garlic scrambled eggs, and sausages
Fleetwood Mac + laundry folding  
cat nap
coffee break (espresso + soy milk)
I've had that giraffe mug since my junior year of highschool
afternoon hike
I twirled and twirled to get these photo effects
now how cute is this?! Jacob spotted this little hobbit hole along our hike 
foliage + light 
temptations while grocery shopping
post-dinner dishes

overall a very good day, if I do say so myself

I also found out this past week that I may have a lactose intolerance/sensitivity :( and in the process of completely eliminating all dairy for the next two weeks to monitor any significant changes
I've switched over to almond/soy milk and will be getting nutritional yeast as well
hopefully there will be an improvement with or without dairy, for I would like to be comfortable soon (bloating and nausea are not fun at all)

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