Bits & Pieces: A Weekend at Home

we spent the majority of this weekend at home, I had cleaning, gardening and general homemaking to keep me occupied while Jacob worked
dahlias, marigolds, herbs (basil, rosemary, sage, and thyme) and zinnias are in still in full bloom
not bad given it's my first time container gardening 
thyme up-close
our niece attends university nearby and visited us overnight as well
we walked to one of my favorite local coffee places, Pour Coffee Parlor
I had a latte and we shared organic waffles with New York maple syrup, yummy!
got a new mug before the weekend started, mmm tea
I fully took advantge of having a weekend at home by baking!
I made a breakfast flatbread filled with cheese and sausage, topped with (even more) cheese and homemade basil-garlic butter
and started Sunday morning with a french toast casserole before we drop off our niece at her campus
having a weekend at home was really what I need to "catch up" given September is a transition month for us
now back to ordinary life by tending to my research notes and exam preparations! 
I wish your weekend went by wonderfully (and safely) 

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