Twenty Three

this past Thursday, I turned twenty three years old
I also share a birthday with my Grandmother, who turned eighty 
Jacob surprised me with a bouquet featuring flowers in my favorite colors 
and a clean house (!) when we arrived home (he sneakily took off that day from work)
we ended the day with a dinner with friends and an amazing cake that had our cats' faces
I picked a vanilla bean cake + buttercream frosting with a lemon curd filling- all made by the talented ladies of Scratch Bakeshop
I decided to make a list consisting of twenty three things that I plan on doing on my twenty third year (pictures in this post are from this year's celebrations)
1. practice yoga regularly (ideally 3x/week)
2. eat more balanced, healthier, and regularly 
3. rely less on caffeine (sorry coffee and tea, but I hope to get more quality sleep)
4. create/make more, buy less
5. appreciate the times where there's no agenda and soak up the quietness
6. continue to maintain daily gratitude list/journal (more on that at another post)
7. say thank you everyday
8. start practicing meditation
9. express love more often
10. go on more walks outside 
11. be open with regards to overall improvement (whether personal or career)
12. encourage others, magnify their strengths 
13. appreciate the opportunities for growth from the "bad" events
14. practice self-care
15. live in the now (mindfulness) 
16. smile more
17. volunteer 
18. make an effort to call family often (this one's for you, Mom!)
19. write more letters- pen pals, anyone?
20. accept lessons learned from the past
21. become more understanding in my weekday work
22. surprise others (in a good way) often
23. to fully love myself as I am 

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