Bits & Pieces: Autumn Hike at Letchworth State Park

hello! just sharing some photos from yesterday's day trip to Letchworth State Park
we woke up early on Sunday morning and arrived just after the sun rose
the color of the leaves weren't at full peak, but still a breathtaking view of Inspiration Point
portraits that Jacob and I took of each other
the Letchworth Train Bridge: built in under 3 months(!) in 1875 and is due for replacement soon
view of the Upper Falls from the top of the train bridge 
Upper Falls + Train Bridge 
one of the many sunlit trails that were hiked
Middle (above) and Lower Falls
it was a lovely end to the weekend, this park is one of our favorite places to be

some highlights from yesterday...

exploring and hiking all over the park to our to our heart's content, which included climbing up to the train bridge 
running back to the car to seek warm refuge (while it was pretty outside, it was also pretty cold with the wind!)
crossing paths with the National Orienteering Championship folks
singing and taking silly photos of each other in the car

Jacob's photos from our trip can be viewed here and here
and mine can be found here

hope your week is off to a lovely start! xo


  1. beautiful pictures as always, looks like such a beautiful morning to be out enjoying nature!


    1. thank you for stopping by :) we really enjoy being outdoors, winters in Western/Upstate New York can be quite harsh- so we're soaking up as much as can!

  2. This place looks beautiful! What a lovely autumnal walk.

    1. it truly is! Letchworth is alway beautiful year-round, my favorite seasons to visit are autumn and winter

      thank you for stopping by!