Corners of Our Home: Mixed Media Wall

after two years of procrastination on my end, we finally got out one of our living room walls decorated!
better late than never, right?
the branches/heart painting, felt dahlias, letter "b", and line drawing are made by me
the XKCD print was my first gift (oh, dating memories) to Jacob that I had signed by the author
the felt camera was made by our oldest niece
the party cat is actually a birthday card (it was bought since it resembles our tuxedo cat, Lilith)
 the framed photo of us can be also seen here
and the sunflowers were taken by Jacob
we are both very happy and pleased on how our home looks more personal and can't wait to add more to the remaining walls
any ideas/inspiration would be greatly appreciated as well

happy October and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love the wall, I so need to do some of that! So impressed with all you have accomplished in photography by the way, would love some tips or critiques of you ever had the time.