pictures are from this past Saturday, we took one of each other
It is by the author/creator of the webcomic XKCD and it's a very entertaining read.

Also, way too many journal articles (hooray for APA peer review)

How things will pan out as this year is getting closer to its end; with upcoming travel opportunities, wrapping up a major part of my studies, and many more- it's all going to be quite an adventure for sure!

Feeling Thankful:
I am so grateful for the experiences, people in my life, and their wonderful support. I'm always keeping a conscious effort that my daily actions and words reflect said appreciation.

...does coffee count?
Apologies to my nutritionist for that.

(if I have a free window of time)
Alton Brown's Good Eats on Netflix, one of my absolute favorite shows- cooking and science!

Working on:
Photography: clients, personal projects, the never-ending Lightroom queue...
Halloween costumes for me and Jacob (possibly the cats as well)
Planning an outing to the pumpkin patch this coming weekend

Autumn colors, clothing layers, warm embraces, and the scent of burning incense.

To finish analyzing ~30 pages of statistical data by 8am tomorrow- eep!

More sleep and for time to slow a bit down, please and thank you

*inspired by Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide*
what are you currently up to on this Monday?


  1. Travel and adventure sounds amazing! Do you do photography full time? And do you only use Lightroom? Sorry beautiful post, I just always have photo questions!

    1. hello Chelsea!

      currently photography is a hobby that I truly love
      I prefer to keep it as main hobby rather than a source of income so I don't lose any passion (if that makes any sense...haha)

      that being said, I am always grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities and people I've met since starting putting myself/work "out there" :)

      I use Lightroom 5 for all post-processing and should any images need to be processed via Photoshop, I usually pass them on to Jacob for he's more familiar with said program and has it on his machine

      hope this helps! and I love helping in any way I can