Happy Birthday, Jacob!

an open letter for my loving husband for today is his 31st
to my dearest darling Jacob,
happy birthday! 
I hope that today brings you much joy on this extra-special Wednesday
you do so much for our little family; I truly appreciate all that you do for I am everyday grateful
thank you for loving me just the way I am,
driving a 20-year old Saab (that did not go in reverse) in an 800 mile round trip multiple times- just to visit me when I lived in the DC metro area,
supporting me as I wrap up my higher education career (and giving me extra encouragement when due dates and exams neared)
thank you for asking my hand in marriage
I am honored that you picked me to be your wife and I'm so lucky to have you as my husband
thank you for teaching me to be more patient and selfless,
to be open to new experiences,
to embrace change and grow,
thank you for loving not only me, our immediate and extended families, but also our cats
thank you for your patience, especially the times I burnt our dinner (which filled the kitchen with smoke...also, thank you for reaching the smoke detectors)
for being such a good sport with regards to me rolling away with the covers in bed every night,
and for comforting me when things got a bit overwhelming
thank you for your kisses, warm embraces, and hand-written notes
for the way you look at me with such love
thank you for the memories created and places explored
 and for your lovely singing voice 
happy birthday, Jacob
I love you more than anyone in my life

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  1. Yall are so cute, happy belated birthday- hope it's a beautiful year for you both!