oh Thursday, you are my busiest day of the week
I wake up no later than 5:40am to work on household chores and out in the garden,
head out for courses and laboratory sessions, with fieldwork in-between the gaps
and finally, home 

this Thursday was particularly difficult for I started the morning with a migraine (that pretty much followed me as the day went on)
I was not myself for all I wanted to do was to stay in bed, but pressed on with the day's tasks
I felt foggy, slow, and simply "out of it"
I also apologized in advance to my coworkers, peers for any extra cheekiness on my behalf

by the time I met up with Jacob, we were both pretty worn out
Jacob also didn't have an ideal start to today, as he had a two hour dentist appointment and headed to work

so what does one do after an extra-long day?

have a doughnut picnic in the living room!

we took a detour on our way home for a box of our favorites and laid out a blanket on the floor
(the doughnut on the bottom right corner is pumpkin shaped, but had a ghost and "boo" iced on...I wondered why a jack-o-lantern face wasn't the default?)
followed by cuddles and whatever strikes our fancy on Netflix (update: we watched a PBS nature documentary and an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos)

I hope your Thursday went by smoothly and if not, then I highly suggest a doughnut picnic! xoxo

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