Jasmine turns 13!

to (my now teenage) little sister, Jasmine
happy 13th birthday!

(I still remember 10 year old me being a bit upset when I found out that I was getting a little sister instead of a puppy)

dear little sister of mine, how did you go from this...
...to this?
from these...
to being nearly past my height?!
dearest Jasmine, I know that you had to come across a lot of change, especially this year
I also know that you not only stepped up to the plate, but excelled in every challenge that was presented in your path
dearest Jasmine, I hope that you always remain kind as you navigate in this ever-changing world
you are very intelligent with a witty sense of humor that keeps your oldest sister on her toes 
dearest Jasmine, thank you for teaching me to become a better person, to set a wonderful example for you and our youngest sister

I love you oh so much

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