Happy Birthday, My Love

happy birthday, my dearest Jacob!
I wish that your day is as wonderful as you are
thank you for the adventures
I love all the places we explored together
and cherish all the memories made
your determination, hard work, and kindness continue to amaze me
thank you for seeing the good in the everyday 
I adore your smile, warm embraces, and reminders that you'll always by my side 
thank you for putting up with my cheekiness, as I know that I could be a handful at times
thank you for keeping me cool when things became overwhelming
you provide balance and peace in this ever-changing world
your sense of humor is the perfect stress reliever 
I absolutely love our coffee dates and dance parties 
I love the way you love those around you 
you are affectionate, caring, and loyal
to my dearest, Jacob
thank you for being my husband, I am honored to be your wife
here's to more adventures, laughter, and memories 
happy 32nd birthday, darling
life is lovely because of you 


Weekly Words

"Look past your thoughts
so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment"


Oh So Lovely: Turquoise

 many thanks for the greetings, love, and well-wishes on our anniversary!

a friend fell in love with a set of vintage pyrex bowls that were in a turquoise color while at an antique store yesterday
she loves how cheerful the color turquoise is
which gave me the inspiration for this week's oh so lovely post
starting off with the inspiration itself: this Amish Butterprint vintage Pyrex set
listing by Retroburgh (Etsy store
bedding from Anthropologie 
some cute cupcakes, buttercream recipe via Glorious Treats
a tower of French macarons styled by Hostess with the Mostess Blog
handspun yarn by Sheeping Beauty (Etsy store)
pretty dinnerwear, via Pottery Barn 

this Ophelia dress by Lindy Bop! anything floral is a weakness of mine
diy color jar tutorial by Natalie via Beach House in the City
pretty paint shades via Better Homes and Gardens
this bright space via Lobster and Swan


Three Years!

I've been married to my love for three wonderful years today
to my darling, Jacob
thank you for asking my hand in marriage
thank you for sharing your life with me, I am so happy to be with you
thank you for the adventures, challenges, and always believing in me
thank you for being the best support, being the main provider for our little family
thank you for sharing your curiosities with me
especially when we explore and travel together
I love all the places visited and memories generated
dearest Jacob, your kindness and thoughtfulness inspired me to be the person I am today
thank you for teaching me patience and letting me know that I am always loved
dearest Jacob, I love you with all that I am
and I am thankful every day for you
happy three years, my love
(ps. this week's Oh So Lovely post will be up tomorrow)


Weekly Words

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong"
Joseph Chilton Pearce


Oh So Lovely

hello again! 
apologies for the crickets in this wee space; life's been rather full to say the least
we explored, grew, traveled, fell ill, had a couple of bumps and hiccups along the way- even though I would gladly go through it all again, I am glad that things have now settled

in an effort to get more creativity flowing, I am going to start a weekly post of things I find inspirational and lovely
 Danny Brito's living space (feature link via A Beautiful Mess)
I adore the eclectic mix of vintage goods and white walls
spring-themed motivation
 by South Pacific Prints (Etsy store)
over the past holiday season, Jacob gifted me a turntable! 
we've been hitting up local record stores and thrift shops ever since
our current favorites are: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Boots Randolph, Fleetwood Mac, Mamas & Papas, and Tracy Chapman
given the amount of vinyl we're acquired in a short time, I'm looking at ways to effectively and proudly display them rather than in their current state (all in one pile)
Friends & Neighbors via Free People Blog
floating shelves (and more) via Design Sponge
a dear friend of mine loves doughnuts; anything doughnut-related, really
 I've been looking for a doughnut pan so I can surprise her a batch of homemade ones
 baked buttermilk doughnut(s) recipe by Just a Taste
I can never get tired of avocados, I could eat them every day if I could
avocado toast five ways, by Food 52
I spy with my little eye...upcoming diy projects, thanks Apartment Therapy!
painted feather tutorial from Mr. Fox- love the bright colors!
last (but not least) my favorite illustrator, Charley Harper
...and that wraps up this week's "oh so lovely" post!
thanks for looking at lovelies with me


Josette turns 12!

to my dearest baby sister, Josette
happy 12th birthday!
you'll always be the "baby" of our family 
and I couldn't imagine life without you
I still remember the day you entered this world
you were small, just barely above 5 pounds...but already had those big eyes of yours
and we all fell in love
even well after your much bigger voice followed, haha
you certainly weren't afraid to get dirty in the process and are open to trying new things
you refused to let your age be a barrier for you are outspoken and strong
you also love to explore and travel  
you always keep me laughing with the things you come up, whether it be spoken word or when posing for a photograph
I am continually impressed with your many talents; from amazing artwork, to dancing in cultural festivals, facial expressions that will rival any movie star- and of course, your singing voice!
I hope that you navigate this world with the same headstrong and fierce energy that you've had from the very beginning  
darling baby sister of mine, I hope you remain emphatic and loving,
to never lose your wonderful intellectual curiosity,
to always seek the truth and be strong throughout all of your years ahead 
dearest darling Josette, you complete our family and we all love you so much
happiest of birthdays, baby sister of mine