Josette turns 12!

to my dearest baby sister, Josette
happy 12th birthday!
you'll always be the "baby" of our family 
and I couldn't imagine life without you
I still remember the day you entered this world
you were small, just barely above 5 pounds...but already had those big eyes of yours
and we all fell in love
even well after your much bigger voice followed, haha
you certainly weren't afraid to get dirty in the process and are open to trying new things
you refused to let your age be a barrier for you are outspoken and strong
you also love to explore and travel  
you always keep me laughing with the things you come up, whether it be spoken word or when posing for a photograph
I am continually impressed with your many talents; from amazing artwork, to dancing in cultural festivals, facial expressions that will rival any movie star- and of course, your singing voice!
I hope that you navigate this world with the same headstrong and fierce energy that you've had from the very beginning  
darling baby sister of mine, I hope you remain emphatic and loving,
to never lose your wonderful intellectual curiosity,
to always seek the truth and be strong throughout all of your years ahead 
dearest darling Josette, you complete our family and we all love you so much
happiest of birthdays, baby sister of mine