Oh So Lovely

hello again! 
apologies for the crickets in this wee space; life's been rather full to say the least
we explored, grew, traveled, fell ill, had a couple of bumps and hiccups along the way- even though I would gladly go through it all again, I am glad that things have now settled

in an effort to get more creativity flowing, I am going to start a weekly post of things I find inspirational and lovely
 Danny Brito's living space (feature link via A Beautiful Mess)
I adore the eclectic mix of vintage goods and white walls
spring-themed motivation
 by South Pacific Prints (Etsy store)
over the past holiday season, Jacob gifted me a turntable! 
we've been hitting up local record stores and thrift shops ever since
our current favorites are: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Boots Randolph, Fleetwood Mac, Mamas & Papas, and Tracy Chapman
given the amount of vinyl we're acquired in a short time, I'm looking at ways to effectively and proudly display them rather than in their current state (all in one pile)
Friends & Neighbors via Free People Blog
floating shelves (and more) via Design Sponge
a dear friend of mine loves doughnuts; anything doughnut-related, really
 I've been looking for a doughnut pan so I can surprise her a batch of homemade ones
 baked buttermilk doughnut(s) recipe by Just a Taste
I can never get tired of avocados, I could eat them every day if I could
avocado toast five ways, by Food 52
I spy with my little eye...upcoming diy projects, thanks Apartment Therapy!
painted feather tutorial from Mr. Fox- love the bright colors!
last (but not least) my favorite illustrator, Charley Harper
...and that wraps up this week's "oh so lovely" post!
thanks for looking at lovelies with me

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