Happy Birthday, My Love

happy birthday, my dearest Jacob!
I wish that your day is as wonderful as you are
thank you for the adventures
I love all the places we explored together
and cherish all the memories made
your determination, hard work, and kindness continue to amaze me
thank you for seeing the good in the everyday 
I adore your smile, warm embraces, and reminders that you'll always by my side 
thank you for putting up with my cheekiness, as I know that I could be a handful at times
thank you for keeping me cool when things became overwhelming
you provide balance and peace in this ever-changing world
your sense of humor is the perfect stress reliever 
I absolutely love our coffee dates and dance parties 
I love the way you love those around you 
you are affectionate, caring, and loyal
to my dearest, Jacob
thank you for being my husband, I am honored to be your wife
here's to more adventures, laughter, and memories 
happy 32nd birthday, darling
life is lovely because of you 

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